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In the fall of 2014, I met with local paddlers and woodsmen Matt Hemeon and Alain Belliveau, to discuss creating an on-line canoe route map for the Tobeatic Wilderness Area. We felt it would be a great way to catalogue and record our collected GPS data, make it available to other like-minded paddlers and hikers in a useable digital format, and offer them the opportunity to contribute their data, as a collective way for all of us to add to and improve the site.

The original map I created in 2014 provided the Carry, Tensite and Entry Point information for the Tobeatic Wilderness Area and Kejimkujik National Park. In January 2020, I updated the map to include the same information for Annapolis County, which data also forms the basis for Canoe Annapolis County - A Paddler's Guide to outdoor Adventure, Annapolis County Recreation. I also added the latest updates for the Parks and Protected Areas, and areas Proposed or Pending future consideration. This information was generously provided by Sally Steele, Western Regional Coordinator, NS Environment.

Jim is a graphic designer and cartographer, and was born and lives in Perotte, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. He has "run the woods" his entire life.

"It would be virtually impossible for me to properly thank here all my paddling friends who, over the space of 45 years or so, helped me search out carrys and campsites, clear and mark trails, and gave me excellent company in the woods. Those folks are too numerous to mention but each of them has, in one way or another, contributed to the information you will find on this site.

As this site focuses on GPS data, I would specifically like to thank Harold and Diane Clapp, who many years ago introduced me to our first Garmin Fortrex wrist sets (no map screen). I was immediately sold on the technology, and those old Fortrex units helped record much of the information you will find here.

I would also like to thank Andy Smith, friend, dedicated paddler and author of "Paddling The Tobeatic", who published the first comprehensive guide to canoe routes in the Tobeatic. The guide introduced many to the Tobeatic for the first time, long before GPS technology was available.

I hope you find this site helpful, and that you will use the data to experience the Tobeatic Wilderness Area, share your data with us, and help protect it for others to enjoy." - Jim

Alain is a botanist and researcher, and grew up in Meteghan River, Digby County, Nova Scotia. He has been spending time in the Tobeatic since he was 9 years old.

“My thanks extends to all stewards - past and present - of wild spaces, including the rugged Tobeatic.

From the Mi’kmaw that knew the area as you and I know the insides of our homes, to the European settlers that explored and guided for sport and for substance, to the wardens and rangers that patrolled the area back in the sanctuary days, to the modern-day paddler, hiker, fisher, hunter, writer, photographer; your legacy lives on in the woods and waters of this wild place, and in the hearts of tomorrow’s Tobeatic wanderers.

More specifically, my sincerest appreciation goes to those that have stared at the same campfire, or gazed at the same star-laden night sky, or battled the same fierce whitecaps, from close family and friends to casual acquaintances with which I have crossed paths.

Thanks for sharing your contagious love and admiration of the outdoors, as we have attempted to do here on this website.” - Alain


Matt is an audio engineer, musician and outdoor enthusiast, born and raised in rural Yarmouth County. His love of camping and canoeing has been inspired by family trips to Keji at an early age. It was from these experiences that he gained the interest and skills necessary to begin exploring beyond its boundaries, into the Tobeatic.

"Tobeatic, meaning 'Place of the Alder' in the Mi'kmaq language is a name that certainly rings true to anyone that has traversed this vast, rugged and beautiful landscape.

I would like to thank:
My paddling friends Will Poole, Corey Ritchie and anyone that I have shared a paddle with. I certainly wouldn't be doing this without your help! My family, I'm very thankful that you have all shared your love of the outdoors with me. Andy Smith for publishing the book that started this journey and also for his hard work with the Southwest Paddlers Association. Jim Todd for all his years of hard work and dedication so that the Tobeatic Protected Area remains untouched for all to enjoy. Alain Belliveau for the great wealth of information and inspiration on all these crazy trips! To anyone that has shared information with me, I truly appreciate the knowledge, wisdom, stories and advice that has helped guide myself and inspire a new generation of paddlers.

It is my hope that this website will serve as your Virtual Guide and planning tool for the Tobeatic. Let the Information contained within be a useful reference that will inspire you to learn, explore and discover your next adventure into the deep unknown that is the Tobeatic." - Matt

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